What Are Sport Peppers? – Short Guide

What are sport peppers? The Sport pepper is a slender, pointed medium-hot, fruit. It has a slight larger version to the Tabasco Pepper. Its origin easily traced to Chicago in the States. The Sport pepper is usually green. But when pickled in vinegar and turns to pale green, so often they are crucially pickled peppers. Sport pepper has a peppery and tangy feel. It is best known because it serves as a topping on the traditional yet classic Chicago-style hot dog where it serves as it basic recipe, but sport pepper are always difficult to find and readily available for use.

In some way, the sport peppers that comes in a light green variants are more organic and usually medium-hot chile are thin with a length of 1 ½ and this is a loved food ingredients by many. The sport pepper is not one to be eaten raw because it has pods that are very thick and they pickle a lot. Its plants are super sturdy and produce in abundance. It turns from green to red when its mature. Sport peppers have a scoville heat unit (SHU) of 10,000 – 23,000.

It’s median heat is 16,500 Scoville heat unit (SHU). It’s jalapeño reference scale is near equal to 9 times hotter. Sports Peppers are usually pickled and once that is done, their usefulness becomes endless. They can be package and sold in jar that would made them the right recipe to be used on anything that needs a hot pepper. Chicago has a renowned reputation of having the famous and hottest hot dogs in the world and the sport peppers is what has made it retain that reputation around the world.

How are Sport Peppers used

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All though sport peppers are specifically used for hotdogs and pepperoni’s. It can also be added to any food that you want just as much it as it provides.

They can be used to groom a sandwich or a salad; include them in a giardiniera (a pickled vegetable condiment) or toss a little onto a batch of nachos. It can also be eaten plain. The peppers can be used straight up from the jar be it whole, sliced, or chopped. 

Where to Buy Sport Peppers

Finding sport peppers can be quite difficult, reason being that it not the conventional peppers that is used by many. And since it uses is quite special, it leaves those who has needs for it like hot dog vendors or those into pepperoni.

Sport Peppers Usage

Those peppers are not used at random but specifically when preparing some kind of food. The Chicago-style hot dog is known to feature the sport Pepper. The pepperoni is a capsicum that easily get pickled, but mostly jarred and sold in grocery stores across the world.


Jars of unopened pickled sport peppers will remain in a great condition for a long time provided it is stored in a cool and dry space. Once the lid is opened, additional measure would be needed to keep it intact. Refrigerating is best for helping it last even longer than a month. However, if you have some fresh sport peppers, then keeping them in a crisper drawer would help keep the crisp for a month.


Sport peppers are chili hot peppers that are common around the United States usually the southern part. They are used to myriad purpose but are the ingredient in Chicago hot dogs; ironically some have not had these peppers whilst others cannot seem to have hot dogs without them. They can be procured at any recognized mall or online.

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