Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Jersey Mike’s tub and a regular sub? If so, this article will explain the difference between the two. Keep reading to find out the most popular sub in tub at Jersey Mike’s. And don’t forget to ask for your tub to go with your sub! After all, you don’t want to be caught without one.

Jersey Mike’s sub sizes and prices:

jersey mike's tub
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If you’re wondering how to get a Jersey Mike’s sub without the hefty price tag, you’re in luck. This fast food chain has a wide selection of subs and offers value for money. To learn more about their food, check out their Nutrition Guide. 

The nutrition facts list includes tub sizes and prices for each type of sub. While they don’t serve soup, you can get the same high-quality subs for less.

The sub sandwich at Jersey Mike’s is served “Mike’s Way,” with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and a blend of olive oil and red wine vinegar. A tub can serve twenty to twenty-five people. A 6-foot sub can serve as much as 24 people. 

Prices start at $4 a serving. When ordering a sub from Jersey Mike’s, ask about their tub size. Some stores offer larger tubs and prices to accommodate larger groups.

Sub sandwiches at Jersey Mike’s are overpriced, but not by Subway standards. In fact, if you compare the prices to your local sub shop, they’re not far off. You can choose between two tub sizes: the regular, or the Giant, depending on your taste. 

Subs at Jersey Mike’s can also be ordered separately. If you’re going for a big lunch, you can also order a small or regular tub. For a family meal, you can opt for a tub with a large size.

What is a tub at jersey Mike’s?

“Sub in a Tub” refers to the “Sub in a container” option at Jersey Mike’s Subs. You can choose to have all of the fillings on the sub without any bread. There is enough lettuce on the tub to qualify as a salad, and the tub contains just under 300 calories. It has about 11 grams of carbs per serving, and is low in sodium and fat.

“Sub in a tub” is a popular keto lunch hack at Jersey Mike’s. The tubs contain all of the ingredients, including lettuce and meat, without the bread. This type of option is a great addition to a keto diet. 

Regardless of what you’re eating, you’ll get a healthy and tasty meal with a tub of Jersey Mike’s deliciousness.

For the keto diet, Jersey Mike’s offers a “sub in a tub” option without the bun. You can order the sub online or in person, adding toppings of your choice. 

And if you’re looking for a discount on your next visit, you can sign up for the email club and receive a free sub on your birthday. There are other ways to get free subs at Jersey Mike’s, too.

A Jersey Mike’s Sub in a Tub is a low-carb way to eat a sub. Served in plastic packaging, this tasty sandwich consists of meat, cheese, and veggies. There is no need for bread, and it’s a great option for people following a ketogenic diet. 

The tub is also great for those who don’t eat bread. This delicious option comes with a low-carb bread substitute and is filled with a variety of tasty toppings.

When ordering a tub at Jersey Mike’s, you’ll discover that there are plenty of options. You can choose from wraps, regular subs, and specialty tubs, with the only difference being the calorie count. 

While the menu items are similar, delivery is about 21% more expensive at Jersey Mike’s than at Jimmy John’s. The main difference between the two restaurants is the use of third-party vendors.

The most popular tub at Jersey Mike’s features a fluffy Jersey bread and is the most popular among its sandwich offerings. The sub sandwiches are incredibly popular, with each tub boasting a unique and tasty combination of flavors. 

Some of the newer items include the BBQ Beef, the Chicken Parm, and the Cancro Special. But the real secret lies in the bread itself, and the fluffy, airy, and well-seasoned buns are the ultimate in comfort food.

Jersey Mike’s tub guide:

One way to enjoy subs at Jersey Mike’s without the bread is to order them in a tub. Subs in a tub contain all the fillings inside of a container. 

Here’s some giftcards for you or your loved ones:

There is no bread involved, and you can choose any topping you like. The standard tub has enough lettuce to qualify as a salad, but without tomatoes and onions, it only has about 3 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Fortunately, you can add more toppings, such as lettuce, onion, or olive oil and oregano dressing.

One way to save money at Jersey Mike’s is to join their email club. If you haven’t already signed up, you can use the email address to receive $1 off a regular sub and a free birthday submarine. While you’re at it, sign up for the email list to get special deals and freebies. There is even a special Jersey Mike’s app where you can order your sub ahead of time.

A tub at Jersey Mike’s has a number of health benefits. The sub is made from boiled ham, pepperoni, hard salami, onions, provolone, and lettuce, along with vinegar and olive oil. You’ll also find provolone, tomatoes, and oregano. 

If you want a healthier option than a wrap, the tub is a great way to go. This guide also explains how to order a Jersey Mike’s tub.

Best Jersey Mike’s keto options:

Jersey Mike’s may be an institution, but it is not a good choice for those on a Keto diet. The restaurant’s menu is packed with sugar and additives, and a Jersey Mike’s tub doesn’t exactly represent the ideal ketogenic diet. 

While it does feature salads and other nutritious sides, the fast food chain has not made a conscious effort to stay on the ketogenic diet.

For those looking for a ketogenic option, you should look for items that contain a high amount of fat and low amount of carbohydrates. 

A Jersey Mike’s sub is loaded with ingredients such as boiled ham, pepperoni, hard salami, onions, provolone cheese, and Russian dressing. The sauce is also filled with sugar. Similarly, the toss salad has four carbs. For the toppings, you can opt for mustard or mayo instead.

When looking for a low-carb meal, a ketogenic sub is a good choice. Like Five Guys, Jersey Mike’s offers tubs for non-bread sandwiches. 

You can find the nutrition facts for each sub below. As far as carb content goes, the Mike’s Way Sub contains onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and vinegar. If you’re looking for a ketogenic sub, consider ordering the original Italian sub because it has only 12 net carbs.

Jersey Mike’s tub ideas:

If you’re looking for a fun way to entertain, you might want to consider ordering a Jersey Mike’s tub. There are many recipes you can make that will impress your friends and family. You can use the same ingredients and make a customized version of the classic sub. 

Adding your favorite toppings is easy, too. Just make sure to choose items that are low in sodium. A good source for sodium is chicken broth.

One of the most fun ways to use your imagination is to make your own “sub in a tub.” If you’re looking for a healthy lunch, you can opt to order a Jersey Mike’s sub in a tub without the bun. You can even add special requests and extra toppings if you wish. You can even sign up for their email club to get $1 off your regular sub and a free birthday submarine!

For a fun, healthy meal that doesn’t cost a lot, try a Jersey Mike’s tub. This restaurant in New Jersey makes a great lettuce wrap. 

Make it with olive oil and white vinegar. Try dipping your lettuce in this delicious sauce to get the same flavor and freshness as a Jersey Mike’s sub. It’s an easy way to impress your friends and family! Make sure to share it with everyone.

How big is a tub sub at jersey Mike’s?

When ordering at Jersey Mike’s, you can choose a variety of sizes. The first size is a five-inch Mini, while a seven-inch Regular sub, also known as a Wrap or a Tub, comes in two different sizes. 

A fourteen to fifteen-inch Giant sub can serve three to four people, and is $7.95 for the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak. If you are ordering for a large group, you can also get a 6-foot Giant Sub.

Another option at Jersey Mike’s is a Sub in a Tub, which means the entire sub is in one container. It does not come with bread, but there’s enough lettuce in the tub to be considered a salad. Some restaurants charge extra for GF or DF substitutions. However, you can get a Sub in a Tub with any of their sandwiches, and there’s no limit to what you can order.

Subs in a Tub are an excellent choice for people who want a healthier option than a wrap. Rather than a wrap, a tub sub is a bowl filled with all of the sandwich ingredients. 

A tub sub can be ordered with olive oil and oregano dressing or topped with meat and cheese. In addition to traditional white bread, a tub sub is topped with lettuce, onions, vinegar, oil, and spices.

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