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How To Cook Country Style Ribs?

How To Cook Country Style Ribs?

Wondering how to cook country style ribs? Country-style ribs are often confused with pork spare ribs or baby back ribs because of their similar appearance and texture. In reality, however, these cuts of pork are actually taken from the blade end of the loin closest to the shoulder. This cut is also extremely flavorful and has a high-fat content that makes it great for grilling or slow cooking over low heat. This recipe will show you how to cook country-style ribs so that they’re tender and juicy, whether you prefer them basted in barbecue sauce or dripping with rich pan sauce.

Steps Involved In Cooking Country Style Ribs 

How To Cook Country Style Ribs?
Source: Delish

Step 1: Season the ribs

  • Season the ribs. There are three main ways to season country-style ribs: dry rub, marinade, and sauce. You can use any of these methods or a combination of them for your meal preparation.
  • Dry rubs are used when you want to add flavor before cooking. By applying the rub directly onto the meat with your hands; or a brush and then letting it sit for some time (an hour is best). It’s important not to overdo this step as too much seasoning can ruin your dish!
  • Marinades are another way of adding flavor before cooking. But unlike dry rubs, they tend to be more moist than dry. So they don’t usually need much time before being cooked since they soak into the meat rather quickly when mixed properly beforehand with other ingredients. Such as oil or vinegar which act as emulsifiers in order. Not only they help bind everything together when mixing up different spices but also prevents them from sticking onto surfaces. Like plastic containers. Instead, where there might be residue left behind later on after opening one container at least once per week. If not daily.

Step 2: Brown the ribs

In a large skillet, heat the oil over medium-high heat. Add the ribs and cook until browned on both sides, about 6 minutes total. Remove to a plate; repeat with any remaining ribs (or add more oil if necessary).

Step 3: Cook in liquid

Next, you’ll need to cook the ribs. There are many ways to do this, but it’s best to use a slow cooker. If you don’t have a slow cooker, you can use a Dutch oven or dutch oven with a rack in it. This will allow the ribs to cook on top of the liquid instead of in it — they won’t be submerged if they are cooking on top of water or broth. Cooking them on top of water allows steam from inside the pot to escape through holes in its lid as well as through evaporation and condensation (a process called “moisture displacement”).

If you don’t have time for all that fancy stuff, just make sure there is enough liquid in your dutch oven so that it covers about half an inch up each side of each rack before putting them inside—this way all sides will get cooked evenly over time!

Step 4: Finish cooking and serve

Once the ribs are done, serve them with your favorite side dish. This could be anything from corn on the cob to baked beans to mashed potatoes. If you want a more southern-style meal, try serving it with a fruit salad or vegetable salad.

If you’re feeling like being super traditional, you could even go with a classic southern accompaniment: hush puppies. A good rule of thumb is that if it tastes good with fried chicken in some way or another, it will probably taste great with country-style ribs too!


Country-style ribs are flavorful and easy to cook, making them a favorite of many BBQ cooks. They’re sold in bulk at most grocery stores, so you can stock up on them when they go on sale. To get started cooking country-style ribs for your next family gathering or party, follow the simple steps in this article. Now, you are ready to cook some delicious country-style ribs and bring a little bit of that down-home flavor to your table!

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