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About us

Ever since the printing press was invented, people have been sharing recipes of their culinary creations with each other. The different cuisines around the world are exciting to explore, and our team here at Recipes For Cooks love to delve deep into new recipes.

This website was created by a group of people who all share a deep passion for cooking. Some of us are professional chefs with years of experience cooking in the dining industry, whereas other members of the team are humble home cooks. We aim to provide recipes from different regions of the globe, and will even try to experiment with recipes from all different eras of history. 

There is no recipe that we will not try, simple or elaborate. Sometimes we want to experiment with the more exotic tastes, and at times we’ll long for the basics and will try to perfect some of the more basic recipes. 

Whether you’re an amateur, professional, or still entirely clueless in the kitchen, we aim to provide content that will help you get inspired to start cooking and experimenting from different cuisines and techniques. Even if you’ve already been cooking a dish for years, it doesn’t hurt to try a different method. You might like it, or use the differences in the recipe to amend your original method of preparing a dish. 

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