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10 World’s Best Donuts

The world’s best donuts are the ones you’ve never heard of. And the best way to find them is on your own. With no preconceived notions about what a good donut should be like. Of course, there are some classic donut shops. There you can get your traditional glazed or filled pastry at its best. Krispy Kreme in Dallas and Texas. Dunkin’ Donuts, which has been around since 1950; and Baskin-Robbins are all excellent places for this kind of thing. But if you’re looking for something new or different from time to time… Or even just once! Here are some other places where you can enjoy an amazing treat without breaking your piggy bank:

Blueberry at C’est la Vie

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C’est la Vie’s Blueberry Cake Donut is a classic. It’s topped with a luscious glaze and filled with blueberries, but the real star here is the cake itself. The donut is fluffy and moist, with just enough buttery flavor to keep you coming back for more. And it’s even better when you top it off with their delicious cream cheese frosting!

If you’re looking for something more savory, try their Maple Bacon Donuts. These donuts are covered in maple candied bacon bits that make them taste like an adult breakfast treat. But without any of those annoying health hazards. You can also get them plain if that’s what your family prefers or maybe both versions would be nice!

Raised yeast with chocolate glaze at C’est la Vie

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If you’re a fan of donuts, then this is the place for you. C’est la Vie serves up raised yeast donuts with chocolate glaze and other toppings like sprinkles and nuts.

The shop also has an assortment of other baked goods that include croissants, cupcakes and cookies. The staff is friendly here too; they’ll help you find your favorite thing on the menu or suggest something new if they think it would go well with what else you’re trying out at C’est La Vie!

Maple Bacon Long John at Pine State

The Maple Bacon Long John at Pine State is a delicious treat. This doughnut has maple glazed bacon and is topped with more bacon. The long john is actually called a “doughnut,” but we’re not sure why it’s called that—it seems like they should call this one something else. The bacon on top of this tasty snack makes it even better!

Buttermilk old fashioned at Blue Star

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If you’re looking for a donut that will make your day, this is the one. The buttermilk old fashioned is an iconic American classic and it’s no wonder why—the cinnamon sugar topping gives it a warm, cozy taste that’s just right to start your morning off right.

This donut tastes best when eaten fresh out of the oven and paired with coffee or tea; however, if you’re not into frying up food at home (or if you want something more portable), then check out our list on where else we recommend getting them!

Jelly-filled at Voodoo Doughnut

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The Jelly-filled donut at Voodoo Doughnut is made with a yeast dough, organic flour and organic cane sugar. It’s topped with vanilla bean glaze and raspberry jelly.

The Voodoo Donut is a guilty pleasure that many people will order when they go to the shop because it’s so delicious. It tastes like a cake donut but has more calories than what you’d find in an average cake (380 for an extra large). The texture of this dessert is soft but not too squishy or sticky—it’s just right!

Cruller at Blue Star

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The cruller is a flaky, light and airy donut with a rich buttery flavor. This particular cruller is made by hand at Blue Star in Los Angeles and has become one of their most popular options.

It’s a great treat for breakfast or dessert; it goes well with coffee (especially on rainy mornings). If you’re looking for something that can be enjoyed by everyone, this is it! Kids will love them too—they’re sweet enough to keep them busy while adults relax in the comfort of knowing they aren’t going to eat any actual food. The cruller also makes an excellent choice if you have lactose intolerance: no milk needed here!

Glazed old fashioned sour cream at Blue Star Donuts

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The sweet and sour cream glaze is applied to the top of this donut, giving it a creamy texture that’s smooth and buttery. It’s made with real vanilla extract, so it tastes just like those old-fashioned treats that take you back to your childhood—only with way more sugar!

Glazed old fashioned sour cream donut is a classic treat for any occasion, whether you’re having breakfast or lunch today or celebrating an important birthday later this month (or even next year). The soft interior melts in your mouth as soon as you bite into it; once there are no more crumbs left on its surface due to being eaten up entirely by hungry consumers who want nothing else but more food right now!

Yeast and apple fritter at Joe’s Donut Shop

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The yeast doughnut at Joe’s Donut Shop is filled with apple and cinnamon. It’s coated in cinnamon sugar, then topped with a glaze and sprinkled with more cinnamon sugar on top.

The apple fritter is the perfect combination of sweet, savory, and crunchy all at once—and it tastes even better when paired with Joe’s signature coffee or hot chocolate (which can be enjoyed by itself or as part of an order).

Orange Blossom Special at Blue Star Donuts

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The Orange Blossom Special is a yeast donut, filled with orange marmalade and coated in sugar. It’s then topped with an orange blossom glaze and served up fresh. This seasonal treat is only available at Blue Star Donuts in Portland, Oregon—so if you’re ever there, grab one for yourself!

Cinnamon Sugar Twist at Joe’s Donut Shop

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Joe’s is a staple in the donut world, and their cinnamon sugar twist is no exception. The glaze on this donut comes out perfectly sweet and spicy, giving you something to bite into while still being able to taste the fluffiness of the dough. The icing doesn’t overpower the taste of the cake part; instead it just adds another layer that makes this single-serving treat even more delicious than it already was!


C’est La Vie is a local donut shop that has been around for more than 20 years. They have a variety of flavors and styles, all of which are delicious! The Blueberry Cake and Maple Bacon Long John are my personal favorites. If you are looking for something sweet to eat on your way home from work then I recommend stopping by C’est La Vie’s location in Austin where they offer fresh made donuts every morning!

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